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Simple Explanation of The Basic Slot Features

All you need to know about playing online slots

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Slot machine games are the most popular at any casino. They are the easiest to operate and with a single spin, they can change a person’s life for the better. From three spinning wheels and offering candies as prizes (when they were declared illegal), slots have come a long way.

We bring you slots for real money online basics: 101.

Types Of Slot Machines

Reel slots feature physical reels that you can spin and have pieces of fruits like cherries or oranges embossed on them. They can have single to multiple spinning reels and are often called fruit machines.

Video slots offer stunning graphics and visuals that appear in patterns. You can choose from a wide variety of games on these slots with various features.

Fixed jackpot machines have a fixed jackpot that doesn’t change with increasing bets.

Progressive jackpot machines offer an increasing wager amount that changes as more and more people bet on them and continues to increase until it is won. These slots offer tougher odds and can be linked across multiple machines within single or multiple casinos.

Common Bonus Rounds

Free spins are the most popular of all online pokies and obviously, you don’t have to pay for them. These are triggered in various ways; the most common one is hitting three or more free spin or scatter symbols on the reels. Most often, a free spins round is often retriggered if the same three symbols line up on the reels again.

In a wilds bonus round, you can substitute any symbol in place of the wild icons that appear on a payline. This way, you can get a winning combination quickly and multiply your earnings.

Some casino slots offer X of Y game where a certain number of specific symbols appear on the reels and you can then pick one or more objects. You will get the winnings tied to each object, based on the successful completion of levels.

A spinning wheel is the most popular round where you simply win based on where the wheel lands.

Common slot symbols

The “scatter” symbols are basically multipliers where they can trigger hundreds of free games. They are represented as either a combination of symbols or lines.

The “wild” symbol can be converted into any symbol of your choice, except it can’t replace scatter symbols, free spin or other bonus symbols. Besides the standard wild, there are various special wilds also, like expanding wilds, sticky wilds, shifting wilds, and stacked wilds, each symptomatic of their names.


Slots are one of the most fun and easiest games around if you master a few basics. Give slots a spin today at some of the best online casinos NZ.

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